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Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Blood Work
in Esterhazy

Regular wellness blood work is the best way to detect diseases early, often before they have caused major problems. Early detection allows for early treatment. As many as 10% of “healthy” pets have a least one unexpected blood work abnormality. The AVMA recommends yearly wellness blood work, especially after 6 years old.

Here at Twin Valley Veterinary Health Services, we have a full in-house laboratory, which allows us to give prompt results!

Whether it’s an annual exam, senior wellness, pre-anesthetic blood work, or maybe for a sick horse or cow, our blood machines are able to tell us a lot about your animal! We can take a reading of your pet’s thyroid and cholesterol levels, look at white and red blood cells, and see how their internal organs are functioning. Annual wellness testing on our cats and dogs is recommended as our pets age so much faster than we! Call us at (306) 745- 6642 for more information!

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