Community Involvement

Therapy Dog School Program

Our RVT Sarah Moore and her dog Bo, a very special Therapy Dog, go into PJ Gillen School when they can to help children.

Bo has been in the school and classrooms, teaching and helping children develop skills such as kindness, friendship, reading, and sharing.

The school has also used him as a reward in their points system or “Panda Points”. This is where children can “purchase” time with Bo as one of their rewards, and the children are then encouraged to read to Bo when time is purchased.

Bio of Bo – Therapy Dog

Hello, my name is Bo, and I am a 6 yrs old Coonhound x Retriever. I attended Lakeland College with my mom from 2016-2019. I loved it there! I was able to go to class with her, and through the years, I assisted with multiple classes and labs. In 2018 the AHT (animal health technician/vet tech) Program at the college started up a class called ‘Student Lead Clinic’ in conjunction with their new vet clinic that was being built on the campus. Mom’s class was split into 3 teams. One of those being ‘Team Public Relations’. It was then that she was appointed team captain. Here is where I come in! There were many meetings and a lot of planning. The team came up with the idea of doing some community outreach and some other stuff that I didn’t pay much attention to, and I was just happy to be there. Then came the day when I was taken to the elementary school. There were children lined up to see me, I wagged my tail with excitement, got A LOT of pets, and if we’re being honest, I was in my glory. Then came the work! It was my job to help these kids read, my job to give them a safe, judgement-free zone where they could get through a book regardless of how much they struggled, mispronounced words or simply ‘didn’t want to’. My job was to hang out, be a friend and look at them with comforting eyes. Sometimes when days were rough, I got a lot of hugs from children that were having a hard time, regardless if it was with reading or a completely different reason.

After graduation in 2019, we moved back to Esterhazy. Mom knew I liked visiting the school so much that we started to visit the local care home and senior centers. Once again, people loved me. They’d pet me and call me a good boy, I’d get lots of treats, and sometimes I even sparked a memory from some of the senior citizens. My mom got to hear all kinds of stories about four-legged friends from long ago.

These days I get to go to work with Mom a lot. I help when we have post-secondary students with skills to practice, school tours and BBQs. I’m really good at helping them learn, sitting for pets and pictures or trying to steal hotdogs.

All in all, I am very excited to have the opportunity to be in a classroom again, doing what I love and helping everyone succeed.

Sincerely, Bo

Producer Event

We love our producers! Our goal is to treat your livestock like our own and your business like our business.
We host an annual event just for you in the form of a lunch and learn where we bring in guest speakers. You have the opportunity to hear one of our veterinarians speak, meet some of our great staff, have your questions answered, set up future meetings if you choose, and visit with other like-minded producers.

Is there a topic you would like to hear more about? Or have a suggested speaker? We would love to hear from you. Please email us at or give us a call at (306) 745-6642.

Crates for Critters information

Every Christmas through the month of December, our team collects donations such as cat and dog food, cat litter, treats, bowls, puppy/kitten formula, beds, and crates.

At the end of the month, the donations are given to the Angels of Hope Animal Rescue to help reduce the costs of this local non-profit organization which has been active in the community since 2010. The animals are very grateful too!! 😊

Our staff take great pride in helping our local community and organizing this annual activity.

If you would like to make a donation to Angels of Hope, you can e-transfer funds directly to:

If you would like to help by fostering an animal in need, helping in the transport of animals, or wish to donate supplies such as the items above, please contact them at:

School Tour Information

Every year in October, to celebrate Animal Health week, Twin Valley VHS invites the local preschool classes and some kindergarten classes to visit the veterinary hospital. They get to see the rooms, what an appointment entails, meet our staff, see the cool equipment (x-rays are their favourite), how a pet gets their teeth cleaned, dress up like a doctor going into surgery, and meet a horse in the large animal area.

High school students have also been invited to come work through case histories with Doctor Noble to encourage the profession, engage in conversation and work through problem-solving.