Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

In House Laboratory
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Our in-house lab at Twin Valley Veterinary Health Services offers crucial fecal floats, cytology, urinalysis, blood work, and more. Stool samples enable us to identify any internal parasites that may be plaguing your pet, horse, or livestock.

Such parasites can deplete their vitality and stamina, and in severe cases or in young animals, they may even be fatal. Heartworms are parasites that are spread by mosquitoes and can lead to serious liver, lung, and cardiac conditions. By taking preventive drugs, we can both cure and prevent these parasites.

Fecal Floats

Fecal Floats are available for dogs, cats, horses, cattle and sheep, etc.! We can collect the sample, or if you prefer, you can. We just ask that you find the freshest sample, wrap it in a rubber glove or bag and bring it to us. This is a great tool to tell if your dewormer is effective OR which dewormer you should be using. Please call us at (306) 745-6642 for more information or if you are bringing in a sample.


This is a useful clinical tool for the investigation of disease processes and assists the Veterinarian in understanding what might be going on in the body. Common samples are taken from ears, lumps, lesions, vagina, or skin and then examined under the microscope.

We now also have the capability of sending the sample to a specialist via telecytology, with results often on the same day.


Is your dog or cat having trouble urinating? Or maybe they are having accidents in your home or having behaviour issues? This is one lab test that might be recommended after your pet has had a physical exam from our doctor. Simply put, a urinalysis is an examination of your pet’s urine which can help determine a route of treatment if necessary. This lab test is also done at the time of blood work so the Veterinarian can get a complete picture of your pet’s internal organs.

Blood Work

Here at Twin Valley Veterinary Health Services, we have a full in-house laboratory which allows us to give prompt results!

Whether it’s an annual exam, senior wellness, pre-anesthetic blood work, or maybe for a sick horse or cow, our blood machines are able to tell us a lot about your animal! We can take a reading of your pet’s thyroid, cortisol, and cholesterol levels, look at white and red blood cells, and see how their internal organs are functioning. Annual wellness testing on our cats and dogs is recommended as our pets age so much faster than us! Call us at (306) 745- 6642 for more information!

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