Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

Large Animal Services
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At Twin Valley Veterinary Health Services, we work hard to give our customers the support they need to continue operating profitably, as well as the compassionate care their animals require to thrive. We adore our cutting-edge tools and methods, but much more so, we adore the camaraderie and mutual respect fostered by our enduring bonds with our producers.

Herd Health Programs

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Managing a disease outbreak in a herd is significantly more costly than implementing a preventative health program. So as a producer, it is important to take on an active role in identifying health-related issues and how to prevent them.

A good herd health program should begin in the cow herd prior to the calves being born, and our Veterinarian is here to support you. If you are interested in meeting with our Veterinarian or having him come to your farm to start implementing a program specific to your farm, please call us at (306) 745-6642.

Equine Laser Treatment

Our veterinarians may include laser therapy in your horse’s treatment plan if your horse suffers from a soft tissue injury, persistent pain, or a wound that requires further assistance in healing. The use of therapeutic lasers involves directing light energy at specific body parts in order to promote and hasten the healing process. The therapeutic laser lessens pain by reducing inflammation, nerve conduction, tissue molecules that trigger pain, and inflammation itself. By boosting microcirculation (blood flow through the body’s smallest blood vessels), cellular activity, and growth factors, the therapeutic laser also improves healing.

Lameness Exams

Does your horse have an unexplained limp, or is something just not quite right? Look no further and give us a call. We take a very in-depth look at where and what exactly is bothering your horse, so it can be back to performing at its peak. This may include flexion testing, ultrasound, nerve blocks, DIGITAL x-rays, etc.

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Breeding Soundness Evaluation

Here at Twin Valley Veterinary Health Services, we offer Breeding Soundness Evaluations (Semen Testing). We offer this service in clinics or on farms. We also offer Trich testing at the time of Semen Testing if needed. We are quick and efficient. Call today to get your herd booked at (306) 745-6642.

Pregnancy Checking

We provide Synchronization, Breeding Soundness Exams, and Ultrasound Pregnancy Checks.


Radiology is an important tool that helps veterinarians detect and prevent illness as well as provide you with great quality medical care. It is a diagnostic tool that we use to look inside the body in a non-invasive way.

At Twin Valley Veterinary Health Services, we are proud to provide digital x-ray services not only to our small animals, but since our machine is mobile, we can also take radiographs on a farm!!
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Equine Dentistry

Floating of the teeth means correcting any dentition problems like sharp edges and to create a “bit seat”. Sharp edges can create numerous problems for your horse, such as oral ulcers, which can be very painful and result in weight loss due to not eating well. Prevention is key! Here at Twin Valley, we recommend your horse having an annual exam with or without a float. These services can be done in a hospital or on your farm. Call the clinic at (306) 745-6642 to book your appointment.