Jennifer Giroux

Veterinary Assistant

I was born and raised on a farm near Esterhazy and now reside on the same land I was raised on. We spend time with our dog Bella, our cats, our rabbits and we have recently welcomed goats into our barnyard. I love the familiarity of our community and the safety net that comes along with it as I raise my children here. My husband and I have three children who keep us active with their interests and activities. We love to watch them fulfill their passions. I have always had a curiosity in health care. Being raised on a farm has given me the interest with animals large and small. Becoming a part of the team with Twin Valley Vet Health Services as a Vet Assistant has enabled me to expand my knowledge on a daily basis and pursue my passion in the health care field with animals. The fast-paced environment, the hands-on care with the patients and working with an incredible team make days at our hospital fulfilling. I look forward to learning new details every day in order to assist our clients and patients. It is so rewarding to see the faces of our clients and the excitement of our patients as they greet their owners after a visit to our hospital. My family and I are fortunate to be able to recharge by spending time at the lake and by soaking up the sun in our backyard during summer months During the long winter months we enjoy skating on our backyard rink, snowmobiling and like most Canadian families, spend a lot of time in a rink. Every now and then I tune out the world with a good walk down the country roads to escape reality. These activities allow me to be ready for the adversities and rewards greeting us as we begin a new day at our hospital.

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